Trade-up to PEMF

Calling all existing owners of electrotherapy devices. If you have any electro-therapy devices, be it far-infrared, high voltage electric-potential, static electric, entry level PEMF systems, or any existing full-body PEMF systems that you have outgrown and wish to upgrade to the next level – this is your chance. Contact us now to find out your trade-in value and our best offers to you. 


Check out the latest pricing of iMRS and Omnium1 and Global Promotion here.

Benefits of upgrading to IMRS system:

  • Proven Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Magnetic Resonance stimulation with more than 25 years presence worlwide
  • Single controller for all applicators and accessories (all models)
  • Triple Sawtooths waveform that requires just 8 minutes instead of 30-60 minutes of treatment time. Time saved means more time to live your quality life.
  • Unique Organ Clocks programs that changes the frequency range according to the time of day to adapt to your body’s circadian rhythm (all models)
  • Graduated intensity for the full-body mattress (all models)
  • Polarity reverse every 2 minutes to maximise cellular responses (all models)
    • Adjustable up to 8 level of magnetic field intensity, from as low as 0.09μT to 45μT for full body mat (complete/professional model), or
    • Adjustable up to 7 level of magnetic field intensity, from as low as 0.09μT to 32μT for full body mat (wellfit model)
  • Real-time bio-feedback (iMORE – optional) for iMRS system
  • Complete with a database of close to 285 preset conditions on recommended settings (iGuide – iMRS Professional model)
  • Integrated Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment system (iSLRS, OmniBrain – Optional)
  • Enjoy 1st year free return shipping for any product repair/replacement (provided by PEMF.ASIA)

Terms and conditions

  • Trade-up promotion to iMRS system is valid only within Asia Pacific for purchase directly from PEMF.ASIA..
  • Trade-up promotion to Omnium1 system is valid worldwide for purchase directly from PEMF.ASIA
  • Proof of purchase and a photo of existing unit is required for verification
  • The trade-in unit must be in working condition.
  • There is no limit of type and number of PEMF, FIR, Electro-therapy devices to trade-up
  • Global iMRS promotion is applicable for all trade-in purchase.
  • Any other PEMF.ASIA promotion is not applicable for all trade-in purchase.
  • Trade-in value will be directly used to offset the purchase value upon payment.

Got questions or need a quote for your trade-up? We are open to accept any trade-up of any home wellness devices also. These including ground mat, bio-resonance devices,  negative ions therapy, photo-therapy, etc.  Please contact us for information.