Did you ever hear of mitochondrial dysfunction?

Americans spent $21 billion on vitamins and herbal supplements in 2015 without knowing whether they even need them or if they in fact work. The article at the end of this write up puts supplements under scrutiny. However this is only part of the story. We are neither against vitamins or herbs, but something very important is happening to our human cells making it nearly impossible to absorb and utilize supplements even if they might work.

First off many supplements are not bio-available and just as many are sold backed by industry-friendly science (companies that pay for their own studies to only publish positive results leaving out findings of their ineffectiveness). You might be buying and consuming more fillers than active ingredients. People take supplements to the tune of $ 300 per month on average in an attempt to safeguard themselves much like an “insurance”, yet they have no way of validating their effectiveness.

Secondly, and this is the most important part to wrap your head around: when our cells do not function at their optimal level (optimal cell charge) nutrients and minerals from supplements or food simply cannot be absorbed. Have you ever wondered why in a society with abundant access to supplements, healthy food and medical care, people as a whole are not getting healthier. 80% of North Americans suffer from chronic conditions resulting in pain and 1 out of 2 people will get cancer (World Health Organization). Our inability to absorb and utilize nutrients and minerals has lead to a brand new disease called “Mitochondrial Dysfunction”, simply put: our 75 trillion cells that comprise our entire body no longer function as they should. The job of our cells is to turn over into healthy new cells and when metabolism is compromised the cells no longer have the energy they need to do their job. This has become a new civilization disease ignored by too many. The main reason for “Mitochondrial Dysfunction” is due to wireless and other forms of radiation in our environment whereby our cells are constantly WI-FRIED by frequencies that are foreign to our cell frequencies.

Our cells, which have a biological window of human cell frequencies do not recognize these foreign high frequencies and cell function is being impaired. Our cells are constantly under siege as we live and work in this electro-magnetic soup. This fact is well researched but not widely publicised as we live in an economic system that values progress and profit over human health. Symptoms of daily exposure to wireless and other forms of radiation include: brain fog, headaches, depression, nerve pain, inability to focus, dizziness, infertility and many chronic conditions ranging from Fibromyalgia to MS and everything in between. Our current medical system, be it in the conventional or complimentary stream treats these symptoms and for the most part ignores the cause.

You must be aware of this development and become mindful of overall cell health. Optimal human health and quality of life start at the cell level. Healthy cells are the essence of human health. What can you do apart from distancing yourself from and limiting your exposure to these high frequencies as much as possible? Many health care practitioners including doctors of natural medicine have already incorporated low-frequency based PEMF devices, which mimic human cell frequencies in their protocols with incredible results. 1.5 million people are using our PEMF systems daily in their homes to counteract the impact of electro-smog in our environment and to take control of their health on the cell level and so can you and everybody out there.


Nobody cares more about your cells than we at SBS do!

For the above and many other related reasons we from SBS focus more and more on evaluating independent research and implementing their findings in our products and protocols

** This write-up (except illustrations) is extracted from the Swiss Bionic Solutions monthly Newsletter – April 2018 edition by Allie Ochs, President of SBS Canada **