iMRS Prime vs iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1

If you have already set your decision on getting the iMRS system, the next big question will be – iMRS Prime or Omnium1? This can be an easy decision or a rather difficult one, depending on what are your consideration factors. In this article, we summarizes the similarity and differences between the two systems to facilitate your decision making. If you are new to Omnium1 or iMRS, please refer to the following resources to understand more about the key features first before coming back to this article:

FeaturesiMRS PRIMEiMRSone 2.0 Omnium1
Single hardware platform for all modelYes. All models share the same hardware, except for the Hybrid model, one needs to purchase Exagon FIR Mat separately when upgrading from the lower models.Yes. All models share the same hardware platform.
Touch Screen Control Panel10.2″ Touch Panel, non-portable.8″ Touch Panel, portable with built-in battery.
Connector Box10 Ports Connector Box. Able to connect up to 6 PEMF applicators, 2 Exagon Brain and 2 x Exagon Sense.2 Ports Connector Box (Default). Connect up to 1 PEMF applicator and 1 OmniBrain. Optional 3-way extension adapter allows connection to 3 PEMF applicators and 1 OmniBrain.
Built-in BatteryNo.Yes. Built-in, replaceable lithium battery.
NetworkNone. Software update via USB.Wifi. Over the air (OTA) software update possible.
PortabilityNone. Designed for a fixed location.Very portable. 4-6 hours of operation with battery
Full-Body MattressYes. Exagon Mat. 3 section foldable.Yes. OmniMat. 6 sections foldable.
PadYes. Exagon Pad. Not foldable.Yes. OmniPad. 2 section foldable.
Spot.Yes. Exagon Spot.Yes. OmniSpot.
Brainwave EntrainmentYes. Exagon Brain. Support millions of colour combination.Yes. OmniBrain. Support millions of colour combination.
Bio-feedback HRV Sensor.Yes. Exagon Sensor, with SPO2.No.
FIR Integrated Full-Body MattressYes. Exagon FIR in Hybrid and Trial models.No.
Table 1 – Hardware Features comparison
FeaturesiMRS PRIMEiMRSone 2.0 Omnium1
OS PlatformProprietary, based on Windows 10 IoT platformCustomized based on the Android 8 Oreo platform
3rd Party Software AppNot supported. Designed as a single-purpose device.Possible, through .apk installation. Android PlayStore app is stripped off from default OS.
Standby ModePartially.Yes, based on Android functionality
Security LockNo.Yes, based on Android security feature
Auto-timerNo.Yes. Can schedule daily or ad-hoc session run.
iMRS Software Features
Full 1-60 timer setting for all modelsYesYes
Full 8 levels of intensity for all modelsYesYes
Software features license keyYes.Not available. All features are by default enabled.
Organ ClocksMorning/Noon/Evening/NightMorning/Noon/Evening/Night
Fast/Quick Start Programs7 Fast start programs, including Soffegio scale not using Organ clocks frequencies5 quick start programs. All using Organ clock frequencies.
Solfeggio Scale 9 Frequencies
(Fast Start Programs)
174 Hz, 285 Hz, 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, 963 Hz (Sine waveform)No
User Profiles SettingUnlimited. Program Mode. Advanced Model and above. Allow grouping of user profiles.Up to 100 profiles in all models. Cannot support user profile grouping.
iGuideYes. Expert Model and above.No
Split ModeYes. Expert Model and above.No
Hybrid Mode (FIR)Yes. Hybrid Model and above.No
Trial ModeYes. Trial Model.No
Bio-Feedback HRVYes. with SPO2 display. Able to export HRV data to 3rd party app.No
Brainwave Entrainment – music customizationYesYes
Brainwave LED colour auto adjustment with Quick/Fast Start ProgramsYesNo
Table 2 – Software features comparison
WarrantyiMRS PrimeiMRSone 2.0 Omnium1
PEMF applicators (Mat, Pad, Spot)3 Years3 Years
Connector Box3 Years3 Years
Touch Control Panel3 Years1 Year
Power Supply6 months6 months
Exagon Brain / OmniBrain6 months6 months
Exagon Sense6 monthsNot applicable
Accessories/Cable6 months6 months
1, 2 years extended warranty availableYesYes
Table 3 – Warranty Comparison
Pricing ComparisoniMRS Prime (Price in USD)iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 (Price in USD)
Basic (Incl. Full body Mat and Pad)4,8273,596
Advanced/Complete (Incl. Full-body Mat, Pad, Spot)5,6874,133
Exagon Brain / OmniBrain855687, (or bundled with Complete is 4,671)
Table 4 – Pricing Comparison (based on 2022 Pricing)

The pricing comparison below illustrates the pricing differences for a similarly configured package in iMRS Prime and Omnium1. For a similarly configured Basic, the iMRSone 2.0 is about 25% cheaper than the similarly configured PRIME Basic.

Our Recommendations

Following are some of our recommendations for your consideration. You can check the comparison tables for a more detailed feature by features comparison.

Go for iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 for the following unique advantages:

  • Need portability. In this aspect, we are talking about comparing a desktop computer and a laptop, which means a big difference, not just about accessibility to a power source. So even if you are considering to use the iMRS system at different location of your house, go for Omnium1. In addition, the Omnium1’s Full-body Mat comes with 6 sections fold, which makes it 1/2 the size of iMRS Prime Exagon Mat when folded. You can easily lug the entire Omnium1 system into a 24″ luggage for travelling.
  • Cost consideration. A similar configuration in Omnium1 is about 25%-30% cheaper (refer to table 4).
  • Simpler operation interface. This is always relative. When comparing to the old iMRS, Omnium1 seems to be more complicated. However, when comparing to the iMRS PRIME, the Omnium1 interface now looks much simpler to use. This also has to do with the abundance of new features available in iMRS PRIME.
  • Simpler hardware. Simpler hardware configuration meaning less point of failures.
  • There are some minor conveniences like the ability to update the latest software over the air, scheduled a session, install additional 3rd party android app is a plus, but not of critical importance in the decision making.
  • We do however, recommend you to get a 24 months extended warranty for the control panel.

Go for iMRS Prime for the following unique advantages:

  • Design and better material quality in almost every department. There are a lot of different design material elements in PRIME. We do suggest you take a look at the physical differences to feel the difference whenever possible.
  • Far Infrared Hybrid Mat. This likely is the most important consideration factor.
  • HRV Bio-feedback feature – Exagon SENSE. We believe the bio-feedback feature isn’t necessary solely for accessing Kubios HRV software or for dynamically adjusting intensity—it’s not as essential in practical application as it’s marketed to be. While it’s a nice feature to have, you can alternatively use a third-party heart rate monitor like the Polar H10 (or check out other supported devices at for Kubios HRV analysis. This can be a more practical approach, especially now that the Kubios HRV app is mobile-compatible, allowing for easy pairing with a compatible heart rate monitor via Bluetooth. Nonetheless, if you operate a wellness center or offer services, this feature could be beneficial by providing additional visual feedback for your patients, or by aiding in determining the suitable intensity settings for newcomers.
  • Trial Mode – especially if you are a biohacker, researcher, practitioners who wish to try out different parameters that are not available in the iMRS default programs (i.e. organ clock programs).
  • Split Mode operation. While the key selling point of Split Mode feature is helping you to save upfront capital investment if you need to invest in 2 systems for concurrent applications. However, this is not always true when comparing to the Omnium1 system. Look at what you actually need first and then work out a cost comparison. Of course, if your features required an Expert or higher model, then Split mode feature is given. For example, you can get another Omnium1 tablet and a converter at a cost of around USD 2,000, and you can also achieve a similar objective of Split mode, but with the additional advantage of physical location independence.
  • There are some other features like LED indicators for applicators, additional fast start programs, slightly more sophisticated user profiles program etc., in iMRS Prime, but we don’t think these should be the key factors in deciding between Omnium1 and Prime.