It can be difficult to decide whether to invest in an iMRS system if you are unfamiliar with energy medicine. In contrast to other health and wellness systems, most people cannot feel the presence of PEMF, and most do not have the immediate experience to tell the difference. There is no heat, no vibration, no sensation, nothing. However, tens of thousands have already invested in this future of medicine. Increasingly, people are coming to understand the relationship between earth’s natural frequencies, magnetic fields, and their well-being. Besides people with health conditions using the system, many health professionals from traditional and complementary fields are using it for both preventive and complementary treatment purposes.

On this site, we will not repeat what many other more established and popular websites already provide on iMRS and PEMF technologies and products, such as https://swissbionic.com, https://imrs.com, https://omnium1.com, and https://pemf.com. Probably you’re here because you’ve already done your research and you’re looking for a reliable regional distributor who offers a seamless sale experience and post-sale support along with the product. Find out what we have to offer (aside from the monthly promotion) by reading on..


In Singapore, we are established distributors and certified LifeStyle Consultants of the iMRS system, serving Asia, Australia, and New Zealand since 2013. With thousands of iMRS systems sold and handled by us, we are one of the most established and experienced iMRS distributors in this region, led by Eastbay Wellness Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based distributor. Our emphasis is on informed decision-making and hassle-free ownership of iMRS systems.



Assisting you in making decisions and providing practical advice on selecting and using the right system is what we are here to do. The reliability of the seller, security of the payment, delivery of the goods, and after-sales service are all key concerns for the customer when buying overseas. Read on to learn how we address these concerns.

  1. PEMF.ASIA site is owned by Eastbay Wellness Pte Ltd, Co. Reg. 201302893K, a Singapore registered company with registered address and sales/show room address at #06-06A LTC Building B, 12 Arumugam Road, Singapore 409958. Tel: (65) 6743-1235 (https://eastbaywellness.com.sg)
    Eastbay Wellness is also distributors for many key health & wellness technologies like EEG head wear (Brainlink Lite) and Mind wellness solutions like MindAlive.com
  2. Payment Security – For all purchases of iMRS systems, your payment will be paid directly to Swiss Bionic Solutions Asia via a secure payment gateway (PayPal / Stripe) for online payment, offering you the flexibility of payment with almost any credit/debit card. Millions of online merchants worldwide use these payment gateways because they are one of the most secure payment platforms. The option of making payments via bank transfer is also available.
  3. Delivery of Goods – Products are shipped directly from Swiss Bionic Solutions Asia depots in Hong Kong and Singapore, depending on the country of destination. Once payment is received, the system is shipped out via express courier (normally DHL Express) within one business day. We will provide you with a tracking number for each shipment so that you can track it in detail. Furthermore, all your system purchases will be registered directly with Swiss Bionic Solutions with an official customer ID and invoice. This is to make sure your product warranty and post-sales support is fully recognized and supported both by the product company itself and by all Swiss Bionic Solutions’ regional support offices worldwide, regardless of which country you move to. 
  4. Post Sales support. In spite of its long history, even an established product like the iMRS system is bound to have its share of technical issues. We can provide fast responses and answers to most of your questions and concerns instead of referring you to the manufacturer. In general, we aim to reply to your email within 12 hours of receiving it, 24×7, with a maximum response time of 24 hours under heavy load conditions. In addition, to ensure all our overseas customers are satisfied with their purchase, we offer unlimited free pick-up of faulty items (due to manufacturer’s fault) and free return shipping – during the first year of your purchase – as well as free pick-up of any faulty items to send back to our Singapore office for repair or investigation.