iMRS Prime for Sport

Sports science is one of the fastest-growing disciplines due to increasing interest from professional teams, elite individuals, amateur athletes and weekend warriors to improve performance levels by utilizing the latest scientific findings, modalities and technologies as they work toward achieving their goals and aspirations. In conjunction with the rapid development of digital tools such as systematized collection and evaluation of comprehensive data, apps, sensor technologies, advanced video and computer analyses, today`s approach to perform at the highest possible level becomes a complex, sophisticated and at the same time very rewarding task, if applied properly and responsibly.

iMRS Prime for Sports

iMRS Prime benefits Sports Performance, Training and Recovery.

Performance and endurance enhancement

Effect: The utilization of iMRS prime PEMF technology enables you to initiate, support, enhance and improve a variety of cellular functions in order to increase the production of ATP, while creating and maintaining a healthy environment within your entire cellular structure. This process is a natural catalyst for improving athletic performance level in every sport for every athlete!

Active Regeneration

The iMRS Prime accelerates regeneration after physical activity, reducing recovery time and risk of injury, thus allowing you to train harder, perform better and compete more often.

Passive Warm-up

An 8-16 minute pre-warm-up application with the iMRS prime significantly reduces the risk of potential muscle, joint and tendon-injuries, preparing the entire body for optimal competitive performance!

Faster wound and bone healing

iMRS prime applications immediately stimulate natural healing and self-regulating functions in the entire body. The system is also medically approved for the successful treatment and acceleration of healing bone fractures and open wounds!

Pain Relief

PEMF application with the iMRS prime to treat acute and chronic pain is a clinically approved, effective, drug-free, safe and user-friendly treatment modality with both immediate and sustained (if applied consistently) benefits. It can be performed by anybody, anywhere and at any time!

Mental Training (with Brainwave Entrainment)

“Exagon Brain” entrainment is a very simple and yet complex approach to active guidance into different mind states. Depending on the applied patterns, the mental state can be directed towards concentration, wakefulness and clear consciousness, or deep relaxation, meditation and sleep. Brainwave entrainment represents an extremely valuable tool for athletes in all sports!

HRV monitoring (for optimal training schedule)

Heart Rate Variability is not only a recognized clinical parameter, it also allows one to measure, analyze and evaluate the user’s reaction to a comprehensive PEMF application and correspondingly adjust intensity levels of the applied electromagnetic field dynamically. In addition, recorded data can be downloaded and further utilized with external software. In sports, the main focus is hereby the assessment of recovery, adaptation, stress and fatigue!

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