Buyer’s Guide to iMRS Prime

Split Mode

Leveraging on the matured virtual technology and powerful multi-core processors comes with the new iMRS control system, the new system is able to spawn two virtual systems to allow them to individually control separate physical devices connected to the left and right section of the connector box. This feature is available in Expert, Hybrid and Trial models. This is quite a significant feature and serves a very useful purpose for many scenarios. The split mode is different from daisy chain applicators or having multiple applicators sharing the same session. In Split, you are practically running two separate iMRS Prime systems on the same hardware (i.e. same touch control panel and connector box). The connector box is split into left and right section. So effectively have virtual session A control applicators connecting to the Side A, and vice versa.

Split mode, however will not support Hybrid and Trial Mode, mainly due to the support of the use of FIR Mat. The current (power) needed to support FIR mat is more than what the system and support and designed for. Hence Split mode can only support non-FIR applications.

Do you need Split Mode?

Split mode feature is available from Expert Model and above. You can also purchase this feature as an add-on if you decide to get a Basic or Advanced model. Split Mode software tool license. This feature is useful if you have family members at home wishes to use the system at the same time – i.e., one using full body mat and one using spot or pad for local treatment. This feature won’t be recommended if your intention is to use two different applicators on the same person, i.e., using a full-body mat and at the same time using a spot. Reason being the programs used by different applicators can be different, and this will cause interference.

If you are running a service centre and need multiple non-FIR PEMF systems, then this will be a very practical and cost effective configuration to get. For instance, if you have 2 beds, then instead of getting 2 expert system, you just need to purchase 1 Expert system and 1 additional full-body mat. This will greatly save your investment cost.