Buyer’s Guide to iMRS Prime

Hybrid Exagon FIR Mat

Exagon FIR Mat is one of the most exciting features introduced in iMRS Prime. Although the Far Infrared Heat (FIR) is already a common technology available for many decades, and with longer history then the PEMF, having the technology integrated into a PEMF system is still rare. FIR is part of the Electro-Magnetic Frequency Spectrum that is known to resonate with the water molecules in our body, generating heat and improve body circulation. FIR spectrum is also the natural and beneficial wavelength spectrum coming from the Sunlight. FIR is the most pro-life EMF from nature. Learn more about FIR.

There are several benefits the FIR integrated PEMF mat has over a pure PEMF. First and foremost is the effect of increasing our body temperature, hence increasing our core body temperature, promoting body immune system response and circulation. Many people with chronic conditions usually have relatively low core body temperature. By increasing the body temperature by just 1-3°c, it can help activates our body immune systems.

Hybrid Mode (with Exagon FIR Mat) is only available in 2 models – Hybrid and Trial Models. Currently, you can only do a direct upgrade from Expert model to Hybrid. There is no direct model upgrade from Basic and Advanced model to Hybrid model. However, you still can add-on the Hybrid FIR mat by purchase an additional Exagon FIR Mat and Hybrid Software Tool.

Do you need Hybrid Feature

This is definitely a good-to-have feature. Sensationally, this will be a very different experience for you, as compared to just the pure PEMF session. It’s a “WOW” factor to many. However, there is a small consideration in term of application time. Different from PEMF stimulation, FIR needs to apply slightly longer time in order to have a better effect on your body, usually 16 minutes or more per session will be ideal. Also, it will take at least a couple minutes to heat up to the desired temperature. Hence if you are having an 8 minutes session, you likely not get the desired effect from the FIR. So do expect the overall application time to slightly increase when using the FIRto at least 16 minutes or more.

Second, is to set your expectation on this “heat’ therapy. The FIR and temperature setting in Exagon FIR Mat is not designed for you to sweat out profusely (though some people might) or use it overnight as a heated mattress. It is designed to increase your body core temperature and improve circulation in the body for a better overall effect during the PEMF session. If you need a serious hyperthermia session or heat therapy, look for dedicated FIR solution, or FIR sauna type of system.

People with consistently low body temperature, like cancer patients, cold feet, seniors, or poor immunity can benefits from increased body temperature using FIR.

If you are using this system in a centre or as a service, then this will be a very useful feature to consider, as in such cases, general treatment time is around 20-30 minutes per session, and your patients can also benefit more from a single session, not to mention the added sensational feeling.

Update August 2021: More than 80% of system sold to date are Hybrid. Feedback from FIR owners are overwhelmingly positive. The effect of heat seems to amplify the benefits and effect of PEMF session.