Buyer’s Guide to iMRS Prime

iMRS Prime Buyer's Guide

Buyer’s (Features) Guide to iMRS Prime

(Updated August 2021)

The new flagship iMRS, iMRS PRIME, is officially released in May 2020 globally. It comes with numerous world’s first for a home-based PEMF system, including an integrated far-infrared system in the full-body Mat, a Split mode operation, and many more. The iMRS Prime inherits almost all the features from its predecessor, iMRS (or iMRS2000), and in addition, added a number of new hardware and software features. Despite positioning as a home-based system, the new iMRS PRIME has introduced many new features that make it well-equipped for clinical and research purposes too.

iMRS Prime PEMF system What's New

In this article, we share with you what was not usually detailed in the product brochure, giving you a better insight of the features and functionalities of the iMRS Prime system. We hope it can serves as a useful buying guide to your first iMRS Prime system, or if you are considering to upgrade your existing iMRS or Omnium1 system. For those who wish to learn more about the features of existing iMRS system, check out the We shall not revisit the existing features like iGuide, bio-feedback, base iMRS technologies like Organ Clocks, brainwave entrainment technologies to keep this article as compact as possible.

We suggest you visit to learn about the new features of the iMRS. The focus of this article is to discuss the practicability of the new iMRS Prime features for your purchase decision.

Key Features of iMRS Prime

  • A complete redesigned new hardware platform. 10.2″ touch screen panel based on a customized multi-cores platform.
  • Separate standalone connector box that can simultaneously connect up to 6 applicators, 2 Exagon Brain and 2 Exagon Sense
  • Split system operation, controlling two independent PEMF and/or Brainwave Entrainment session concurrently
  • Integrated Hybrid Full-body mattress with integrated Far-Infrared technology so you can now use FIR and PEMF at the same time – known as Exagon FIR Mat
  • New Spot Applicator (Exagon Spot). This will replace the Probe applicator in iMRS system.
  • New Brainwave entrainment system (Exagon Brain) – with new hardware support up to millions of colour combination and manage, update your own music library – similar to OmniBrain in the iMRSone system.
  • Improved bio-feedback software – where the system now is able to keep the sessions history and export to a 3rd party HRV analysis software for more in-depth analysis.
  • 7 fast start programs (similar to Omnium1’s Quick Start) and new Solfeggio Scale 9 program, introducing new frequencies range that’s outside the standard four iMRS Organ Clock Programs, where all the rest of the 6 fast start programs are based on.
  • Program Mode – lifted the limit of 3 user profile button as in the old iMRS system. Now you can configure an unlimited number of user profiles.
  • Trial Mode. This software module allows trained and professional users to experiment and studies PEMF effect by allowing manual adjustment of frequency, waveform, intensity, and pulse duration characteristics.

Existing Features remain in iMRS Prime

  • iGuide software (in Expert configuration and above)
  • Manual setting of session – i.e. time, intensity (known as Manual Program)
  • Organ Clocks programs, 8 intensity levels, duration (1-60 minutes), switch polarity features
  • Standard PEMF Full-body mat with graduated intensity along 3 body sections (known as Exagon Mat)
  • Pillow applicator (now known as Exagon Pad)
  • One worthy mention is now for all configuration, including Basic and Advanced (previously known as Wellfit & Complete), you will have access to the highest intensity 400 and timer configuration at minutes interval, from 1-60 minutes, instead of just 3 intervals at 8,16 and 24 minutes.

iMRS Prime Models

The new iMRS Prime now comes in 5 different models or configurations, all are based on the same hardware platform. You can upgrade from one configuration to another without the need to re-invest in new hardware, except for one – the Hybrid Full-body Mat (Exagon FIR). You will need to purchase a new full-body Mat that has FIR feature integrated if you purchased the non-FIR Exagon Mat. The chart below shows the upgrade path, hardware and software included in each model.

iMRS Prime Bundles:

Control System* YesYesYesYesYes
Applicators Included
Exagon MatYesYesYes
Exagon PadYesYesYesYesYes
Exagon SpotYesYesYesYes
Exagon FIR MatYesYes
Software Features
Fast Start ProgramsYesYesYesYesYes
Manual OperationYesYesYesYesYes
Program ModeYesYesYesYes
Split ModeYesYesYes
Hybrid ModeYesYes
Trial ModeYesYes
Control System – Includes 10.2″ Touch Control Panel, Connector box, and Power Supply

As you can see from the chart, most configuration upgrades are incremental from both the hardware and software perspective. Software feature is activated via an activation code, which the company will provide you when you purchase the software module. The only exception is the Hybrid Far-Infrared Mat (Exagon FIR), as the standard Exagon Mat does not come integrated with FIR.