intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) by Swiss Bionic Solutions, a Switzerland based company, is one of the most popular and most used Pulsed Electromagnetic Field systems worldwide. It utilizes earth-based magnetic field intensity (< 45uT) and bio-friendly ultra-low frequencies (0.1-64Hz) to simulate and promote holistic wellness, from the cellular level.

iMRS – the PEMF for everyone

The IMRS PEMF System is the world-leading full-body PEMF system for both home and clinical use. In the field of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology, numerous systems for home use have appeared on the market in the last 25 years. Many were developed under the premise of providing evidence-based pulsed electromagnetic fields within a certain signal structure, frequency range, and intensity.

Today only a few companies remain because engineering, development, manufacturing, and supply require a reliable, financially stable and experienced corporate structure. Legal requirements in designated countries, particularly in the field of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM-section), have become more strict to protect the integrity and safety regulations of PEMF devices.

Swiss Bionics Solutions (previously MediConsult), the developer and manufacturer of the MRS-Systems and now the brand iMRS, is the only company worldwide which fulfils all country requirements for supplying PEMF-devices for home use. In the USA the MRS-series is the only PEMF-device for home use which is registered and regulated by the FDA. All systems have a basic CE-Certificate as well as a more advanced CB-Certificate, which guarantees electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility in the majority of countries including USA, Canada, and Australia. SBS respects the legal requirements within the complementary and alternative field (CAM-section) and never makes any false claims.

The iMRS PEMF System is the result of decades of learning: from the very first magnetic resonance stimulation system MRS 2000 V 1.0 to the first intelligent wellness system for home use in the world. The iMRS is the first intelligent wellness system with a module-based technology. The system can be custom-built based on your personal requirements.

The iMRS PEMF System was invented, engineered, developed and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland under the highest standards worldwide.


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